Marketing Lessons from the Gym – 5 Rules of Online Engagement

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Regardless of industry or size, B2B or B2C, all organizations face the very real challenge of building meaningful relationships with their users online. A recent experience with a local gym got me thinking about the parallels in success criteria for offline and online customer engagement.

A few years ago a friend gave me a set of 10 passes to her swanky gym as a Christmas gift. For several weeks, I skipped my regular gym in favor of this one with better amenities. During this period, I received exactly one voice mail from the gym asking how I liked it. I never called back, and they didn’t call me again. At the end of the 10 visits, I went back to my old gym.

Fast forward to this past summer. My husband gave me a three-month membership to the same upscale gym. During this period, they never bothered with a ‘welcome back’, asked how it was going, or prompted me to sign-up for an annual membership.