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Comprehensive Marketing Strategies and Measurable Results

Marketing Element provides experienced marketing leadership without the time and resource burden of staffing a full-time position. Whether you need to get your marketing house in order, build a foundation to enable future scaling or pivot to support a new offering or market target, Marketing Element is ready to work with you.

Drawing upon experience leading marketing in companies at different maturity stages and financing models – publicly traded, pre-revenue, post Series A venture-backed, private equity based mature, and parent company financed – we bring an extensive, stage-appropriate playbook to address your marketing challenges.

Our process starts with your customer and your solution. We can start at ground zero and assist with value proposition and messaging or work off existing marketing artifacts to quickly build new programs based on current best practices in social, digital, and content marketing. Regardless of where we start, Marketing Element will provide actionable plans tied to measurable goals.

Expertise From Strategy Through Implementation

Marketing Audit

Review of existing strategy, plan and touch-points with recommendations on new approaches and materials.

Strategy & Planning

Comprehensive strategy tied to business goals; tactics mapped to timelines and metrics.


Building and managing budgets to include prioritization and scaling with revenue targets to ensure cost-effective marketing spend.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Getting on the same page with sales through creation of Service Level Agreements (SLA) and relevant sales enablement tools.

Demand Generation Programs

Scalable lead generation activities to drive higher opportunity creation and win rates; ensure coverage at all funnel stages.

Product Marketing

Target market identification, value proposition definition, messaging platforms, go to market planning.

Content Marketing

Connecting quality content to the buyer’s journey and funnel stages, to create a cost-effective content engine.

Marketing Automation

Best practices to foster sales engagement and constructive dialogue with prospects.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Creating an effective online presence on your site and relevant social networks.

PR & Influencers

Modern approaches to ensure your brand is top of mind and seen as a leader by essential audiences.

Partner Marketing

Build and nurture a hardy partner ecosystem to tap for referrals and co-marketing programs.

Customer Marketing

Retention and referral programs to reinforce customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing power.

Case Studies

Have a solution to sell, but not sure how to take it to market?


“Lisa joined Janrain within weeks of closing our Series A round of funding. In an extremely short time she developed an integrated marketing strategy, repositioned and rebranded the company and product line, and implemented numerous demand generation and thought leadership programs… Lisa is highly accountable, focuses on building programs that directly drive business goals and is able to scale marketing deliverables with very little resources (both money and people).”

– Larry Drebes, CEO, Janrain, Inc.

The Situation

Janrain was an early stage start-up with roots in the identity space and a flagship product for social login. The company’s technology was well defined, but a challenge was translating cool technology into a compelling story about how it solved business problems. Another challenge was who to tell the story to – determining the appropriate buyer. And of course, all of this needed to be figured out quickly to meet aggressive revenue goals and build pipeline for a growing sales team.

The Process

The first step was to define value proposition and messaging based on technology and marketer buyer needs to enable target audiences to quickly grasp the solution and connect it to business problems they were already trying to solve and had allocated budget. Next was developing an integrated marketing strategy that hinged on publishing thought leadership content, consistent outreach to key analysts and press, a revitalized website, targeted demand generation programs and strong sales tools for expanding sales team.

The Results

  • Marketing activities drove 73% of attributable annual revenue
  • Inbound leads grew from under 70 to over 700 per month
  • A multi-tiered demand generation webinar program with 200-500+ attendees
  • Original consumer research was downloaded over 1000 times
  • Over 100 relevant pieces of coverage and byline placement in one year

Have an established customer base, but need to pivot?


“Lisa is a true visionary, imaginative and unafraid to push for bold pivots in business strategy, once she is satisfied that market realities and customer research support it. I was continuously impressed by her ability to absorb and analyze new information: our space was entirely new to her, yet within a few months, she had not only thoroughly learned the space, but had developed a plan to expand our customer base into an area with significantly greater potential for us.”

– Verne Lindner, Former Creative Director, Adaptu

The Situation

Adaptu started life as a personal finance website and app for consumers. Over a short period of time, the company had amassed hundreds of thousands of users, built out a strong ecosystem of bloggers to contribute content, and enjoyed a predictable run rate for new customer acquisition. The only thing missing was a revenue stream. In order to create one robust enough to meet corporate goals, the company needed to pivot to a B2B model and revamp the offering.

The Process

Leveraging the core expertise of the parent company, features in the current product and HR market dynamics, a new product idea for B2B HR buyers emerged. The first step was transforming a whiteboard idea into a true product concept with a team of less than 12 and just a few months to prove out the product and the opportunity. I led the creation of a new product management function and spearheaded the process of defining the feature set. We conducted qualitative market research with both buyers and end-users to validate the user experience and the value proposition.

The Results

  • Moved from concept to working prototype in two quarters
  • Received positive feedback from buyers and end-users in a series of focus groups that drove partner conversations with leading software vendors.
  • Developed a-go-to market strategy, launch plan and extended product roadmap.

Have a hungry sales team, but not enough qualified leads?

“Lisa had a laser focus on three areas: 1. Partnering with sales 2. Empowering people to do their best and a 3. Focus on real sales results. This focus increased the volume of real, interested leads while decreasing the volume of noise that sales was expected to deal with. Real website traffic increased as did site conversions. Webinars were more focused and productive then they had ever been and our ROI case studies are the best in the business. Hiring Lisa is like giving yourself a raise.”

-Dan Laun, Former VP of Sales and Services, DeltekAxium

The Situation

Axium provided project management and accounting software to thousands of architecture and engineering firms across the US. The company was 20 years old and enjoyed high customer retention rates due to its solid product and excellent customer service. New business goals dictated a shift to focus on enterprise accounts. The 25 person sales team had larger quotas, but pipelines full of smaller prospects.

The Process

The first step was to define a strategy with clear goals that tied to both business objectives and marketing initiatives. This was followed by a comprehensive plan to ensure the right cadence and consistency across all marketing components. Updated messaging to start the process of repositioning the company and building enterprise demand without alienating SMB clients and prospects was the next step.

Recognizing the different buying process and information needs of an enterprise buyer, marketing programs were segmented starting with content – white papers, webinars, the corporate blog, and digital – the corporate website, SEO, and PPC. New sales tools were created to support expanded enterprise messaging and proof points, including a revised pitch deck and ROI case studies.

Through all of this, I built a partnership with the sales leadership and reps to ensure that both sales and marketing were in agreement on lead requirements, process and reporting. Mutual agreement on an SLA (service level agreement) and new programs was critical to our success.

The Results

  • Doubled inbound leads month over month
  • Generated 70% of total leads in first half of year
  • Generated 75% of closed won opportunities

Companies I have helped grow through smart, scalable marketing strategies and programs


About Lisa Hannah

I am a revenue-focused marketer with over eighteen years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing at early stage technology start-ups and established businesses. I enjoy building marketing from the ground up or pivoting existing teams and products to succeed in new markets. I have a track record of building demand generation programs that exceed targets and contribute to the bottom line, developing winning marketing teams and creating strong partnerships across the organization, especially with sales.

I started my post-MBA career as a product manager at Tektronix and then progressed through product marketing roles at various technology companies before heading up marketing at Janrain, Adaptu, Auctionpay (now Greater Giving) and Axium (acquired by Deltek).

Why the name Marketing Element?

The American Heritage Dictionary defines element as a fundamental, essential or irreducible constituent of a composite entity and is the perfect reflection of my philosophy on marketing’s true role within a business.

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